Wish List



We could use some help restocking our pantry and supply closet! To make the process easier to both donate and pass on to others, here is a link that will lead to Amazon with our wish-list. Instead of dealing with the hassle of going out of your way to buy a donation and to drop it off, if you purchase the item through Amazon, they will send it straight to us! Click on the button below to get started:

 Below are a few more  ideas of in-kind donations that would help us out! If you would like to donate one of the following items, please bring it by our office! So here is what’s on the wish list…

– Snacks and Drinks
Like anyone, our members operate best on a full stomach, so we like to fill ’em up… and they sure can eat, so our cupboards are always appreciative of replenishing.

– 100% Juice
– 2-Liters of Soda
– Pretzels
– Tortilla Chips
– Goldfish Crackers
– Crackers
– Cookies
– Animal Crackers
– Apples
– Oranges
– Grapes

– Video Games
Many of our members LOVE to play video games and believe it or not, they can actually help them socialize together.  We currently maintain the Wii console in our offices, but are always on the lookout for new games and consoles to keep our gaming generation on their toes. Most appreciated are multi-player games that are rated E for everyone.

– Wii Games
– Game Consoles + Games

– New or Gently Used Toys and Games
Toys and games are fun for all and we maintain a variety of toys and games at our office as a means of fun and socialization and any donation is appreciated.

– Legos
– Action Figures
– Dolls
– Stuffed Animals
– Pokemon Cards /Artifacts
– Board Games
– Sports Equipment
– Outdoor Play Games / Equipment

– New or Gently Used Books, Magazines, & Comics
 Our members don’t necessarily have time to sit down and read novels, but they do enjoy flipping through books, magazines, and comics when they are in need of some quiet time to themselves. In addition, any gently used informational books on autism, Asperger’s, disabilities, or even inspirational reads that we can add to our building informational library.

– Inspirational Books
– Disability/Special Needs Books
– Kids Books
– Special Interest Magazines
– Comic Books

– Movies
One of the well-loved ways in which our clients gather is to watch movies together. Movies on DVD rated PG-13 or lower are appreciated.

– Dress Up Items
As a part of social skills instruction, we often use role playing as a means of practicing real-life skills… and it’s always more fun to do it dressed up!

– Hats
– Costumes
– Masks
– Hand Puppets