iCan House™ offers a variety of social skills programs, starting at age 8 and continuing through adulthood. We strive to offer not only social skills and life skills instruction, but social opportunities for each of our members that help teach real world skills as well. This allows learning to happen through both direct and indirect methods, which we feel is the most natural and effective way to learn social and life skills. In addition, we work hard to provide a safe, welcoming, and fun environment in which our members feel comfortable to learn and experience the joy of socializing with their peers.


Because we cater to a variety of ages, we have developed several unique programs to meet the needs of this growing community. Please take a moment to look through each of the program descriptions below and learn about how you can get involved! Click on the links after each program description to find an even more in depth explanation of that program.

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iClub members participate in structured and engaging activities which facilitate interaction with others. In a safe and supportive environment, they can practice and develop important social skills, such as eye contact, conversation skills, perspective-taking skills, and turn taking. At iClub, members are consistently working to improve self-esteem, improve social skills understanding and abilities, and have fun! Groups meet weekly and are divided into to small groups based on age and developmental readiness.

Visit the iClub page to learn more and apply.

Real World Connections

Real World Connections is a unique program for young adults, (14-21), who need a little extra help in figuring out the new social world and unspoken rules that come with being a teenager … with a group of like-minded individuals along-side, resulting in peer-to-peer learning and a whole lot of fun! This group meets weekly in single-sex groups, but also have planned co-ed social activities each month.

Visit the Real World Connections page to learn more and apply.


Real World Humanities*

Real World Humanities is a series of  courses developed with the unique learner in mind, which aids both young adults and adults in developing the skills that they need for success in the real world. This series of courses teaches skills in the areas of: Independence Skills, Social Skills, Financial Skills, Job Skills, and Safety Skills.

* This course is under construction and is not currently offered. Please check back later.*


An adult social club (ages 18+) for those with social skills challenges who are looking to improve their social skills and meet new people. Members partake in multiple social activities each month, which include an activity in the community, movie night, dinner and social discussion at the iCan House, activity planning sessions…and much more! Visit the Meet-n-Eat page for links to this month’s event calendar.

Visit the Meet-n-Eat page to learn more and apply.

One-to-One Social + Life Skills Coaching*

One-to-One Social + Life Skills Coaching offers unique and targeted opportunities to those who have specific goals that they wish to tackle in when it comes to social skills and/or life skills.  The coaching scope is extended to youth and adults with social challenges, as well as their parents. We take only a limited number of coaching clients at any given time so as to best suit the needs of each client.

* Currently not accepting new members. Please check back soon!