Become A Member

To apply for participation in an iCan House social and/or life skills program, please follow the steps below to ensure that you complete the application process correctly.

If you are interested in applying to volunteer, please visit the volunteer page. 

1. Download & Fill Out the Application
Click on the application link to download the iCan House member application and get the process started. If you do not have the capability to download and print, please contact the iCan House at [email protected] or call us at 336-723-0050 and we can mail you an application or answer any questions about the process.

2. Get A Reference
Ask a non-familial person to fill out and return the reference form and return to the iCan House on your behalf. These can be people like teachers, therapists, doctors, pastors, or others that know this potential club member well and can provide the iCan House with an accurate, unbiased snapshot of the applicant’s behaviors and abilities.

3. Return Applications & References

  • Mail or Hand Deliver to: 862 W. 4th St., Winston-Salem, NC 27101 OR scan and email to [email protected]
  • Include the $20 application fee with your application (checks payable to iCan House Services, Inc.)

4. Wait for Your Application to be Processed
Please allow us five business days to review your application. An iCan House representative will call and/or email you to talk about any questions that we may have in regards to your application. Should your application meet the iCan House requirements for admission into the program, an iCan House representative will contact you to schedule an introduction intake meeting.

5. Schedule Your Introduction Intake Meeting
An iCan House representative will call you within five business days after the receipt of your FULL application, (we must have all of the application and reference pieces to consider your application whole). At this time, we will schedule an intake assessment meeting with the member and at least one parent/guardian, (required if the prospective member is under 18 or not their own legal guardian).

6. Participate in the Introduction Intake Meeting
This meeting is essential to the application process and no one can be granted iCan House membership without completing this step. This meeting is intentionally causal and not meant to intimidate the potential member. We want to best get to know each individual and allow them to explore our meeting space. This acclimatization to our space is critical to helping put our members at ease, gives the parents/guardians a chance to ask questions about the program, and allows the iCan House staff to get to know the member as an individual. During this meeting we will review iCan House policies, behavioral expectations, program costs, and payment process.

7. Receive Your Program Placement
After the Introduction Intake meeting, iCan House staff will evaluate the applicant’s developmental maturity, chronological age, goals, and schedule to determine the best program placement. Once assigned, the applicant may participate in that program after completing the Membership Document Packet. We strive for an appropriate placement for as many individuals as possible. However, in some circumstances, we do not have a program to fit the needs of an applicant. In this case, we will be upfront and honest with the parent/guardian and offer as many other resources as possible.

8. Complete the Membership Documents
The last step for membership enrollment is to complete the membership documents. Following completion of these documents, the new member is welcome to participate in their iCan House program! Please do not fill out these documents until after you have been accepted into the iCan House program. You can request a copy of these documents from our main office in person or via phone or email, (336.723.0050 or [email protected]).

The Membership Document Packet contains the following 6 items:

  • Membership Agreement
  • ACH Payment Authorization, (optional)
  • Authorization to Release Information, (optional)
  • Liability Waiver
  • Medical Emergency Waiver
  • Photographic Release, (optional)

9. Get Started!
Once all of your paperwork is completed, you have been cleared by the iCan House to begin, and your first month’s payment is received, you are read to get started exploring and learning all that the iCan House can do for you… there is a lo t to learn and a lot of fun to be had, so get ready and get excited!