How to Volunteer

Thank you for your interest in helping to make our community a more welcoming, connected and understanding place!

To apply for participation in an iCan House volunteer program, please follow the steps below to ensure that you complete the application process correctly. If you are interested in becoming a program volunteer, please visit the program page to see what different options we have for you!

If you have a set number of volunteer hours to complete for a class or assignment, thank you for considering doing those hours with iCan House! Please understand that we do not always have placements readily available that will meet your needs. Our volunteer opportunities are based on the needs of our members and the availability of our staff to train and supervise volunteers. Please fill out an application, and we will be in touch with opportunities we currently have available.

THE VOLunteer Process

 1. Click on the iCan House Volunteer Application Button: You will be directed to a GoogleForm. Please fill out the requested information to get the process started. Also, ask a non-familial person to fill out and email us a reference  on your behalf. (These can be people like teachers, work supervisors, pastors, or others that know you well and can provide the iCan House with an accurate, unbiased snapshot of who you are to insure that you are a good fit for iCan House.)  If you are a medical, graduate, or college student, you do not need a reference form.

2. Wait for Your Application to be Processed: Please allow us five (5) business days to review your application. The iCan House volunteer coordinator will call or email you to talk about any questions that we may have in regards to your application. Should your application and volunteer interests match our current needs, we will then be in touch to schedule an orientation.

3. Schedule and Participate in the Volunteer Orientation: After an orientation date has been decided on, you will visit iCan House to learn more about the specifics of our programs and volunteer tasks. During this meeting, you will be given a tour of the iCan House site, shown an educational PowerPoint to learn more about our types of members and their diagnoses, review iCan House policies and  expectations, and complete any additional paperwork. We will also discuss what roles you will play as a volunteer here at iCan House. The orientation will take 30-45 minutes.

4. Get Started! Once all of your paperwork is completed and you have had an orientation, we will have a set schedule developed for you.  There is a lot you can do to help us help others AND a lot of fun to be had, so get ready and get excited!

We are grateful for your offered time and support and we look forward to working with you! If you have any questions, please email us at  [email protected] or call our office at 336-723-0050.