Volunteer Opportunities

Program Volunteer

A program volunteer will work directly with our trained facilitators in social groups and outings. Program volunteers are expected to aid in running a fun and effective group learning environment. Programs may be held on or off site.

Program Volunteers must be familiar and comfortable with:

  • Working with children and/or adults with differences, (volunteers may specify whether they would prefer to work with adults or children)

  • Aiding with classroom/group management

  • Assisting the facilitator with any challenges that may arise and aiding in appropriately redirecting the behavior

  • Modeling appropriate social skills and behavior

  • Setting up and breaking down for social events

  • Communicating any behavioral issues appropriately to the facilitator in a timely manner

  • Assist in implementing the iCan House curriculum

  • Being familiar with iCan House Rules and enforcing them

  • Maintaining professional relationship with iCan House members and families

  • Maintaining a positive attitude and being enthusiastic

  • Aiding with preparing snacks and food when necessary

All program volunteers must complete a volunteer application, Program Volunteer Training with an iCan House staff member, and pass a background check before they will be allowed to attend any activity with iCan House members. If you are interested in becoming a program volunteer, begin the application process and also check out what programs we offer to find a good fit.


Office Volunteer

Office volunteers aid in clerical work that keeps the iCan House running smoothly! Office volunteers will be responsible for different administrative tasks that capitalize on the strengths of the individual.

Office Volunteer tasks may include:

  • Greeting iCan House members and family upon arrival and departure at the front desk

  • Answering the phone and taking messages/recording conversations as appropriate

  • Aiding in answering payment questions

  • Helping with filing needs

  • Aiding with copying needs

  • Aiding with updating attendance records

  • Assisting with mailings as the need arrises

  • Maintaining a neat and tidy space

All Office Volunteers must complete an iCan House volunteer application and basic iCan House orientation with an iCan House staff member.


Specialized Volunteer

Got skills? If you hold any specialized skills, that could benefit our operations, let us know!
All Specialized Volunteers must complete an iCan House volunteer application and basic iCan House orientation with an iCan House staff member.
These skills could include things such as:

  • IT Assistance

  • Website Assistance

  • Building Maintenance

  • Janitorial Aid

  • Advertising and Marketing

  • Etc….


Community Volunteer Committee

Becoming a part of the Community Volunteer Committee is a great way to contribute at the iCan House. Our lead Community Volunteer will coordinate many great volunteer opportunities such as: monthly snack/supply drives, fundraising festivities, awareness events, member celebrations, building management projects, and much more!

Special Event Volunteer

We are always gearing up for an event, no matter what the season… we are busy planning and implementing and can always use a helping hand! If you would like to serve on a special event committee, whether in the planning, fundraising, and/or day-of duties, please let us know so that we can showcase your skills! Additionally, iCan House frequently has opportunities for setting up booths or tables in our community and utilizes volunteers to help us spread the good word.

Additionally, Volunteer Leaders play an essential role with special events, representing the iCan House during events and volunteer opportunities to ensure everything goes smoothly and that volunteers have a positive experience. Volunteer leaders will aid in managing and providing support to special event volunteers and help with the creation of a positive environment for volunteers. This is a roll that can capitalize upon volunteers’ leadership qualities and allow them to thrive as they take on more responsibility. A demonstrated commitment to iCan House is necessary for success in this position.


Internship Opportunities

We MAY be able to offer internships depending the learning experience that the potential intern would like to achieve and the availability of iCan Staff. While our internships are unpaid, they are a great way to gain a rewarding experience, build your resume, and satisfy service requirements while making a big difference in our organization. REQUIREMENTS: Interns are required to commit to a certain number of agreed upon hours for a specified duration at the outset of the internship. All internship queries should be directed to the iCan House program director.